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Primo Akvarellid 12 tk 25mm+palett+pintsel 110A12B

Hind: 2.45 €
Ostukorvis:    Koguse valimisel lisandub toode automaatselt ostukorvi.
Tootekood: 8006919001109
Akvarellvärvide tablettide komplekt. Ø 25 mm.12v.Palett ja pintsel.

Pressitud värvipigmendiga küvetid.Tugeva pigmendi sisaldusega.
Hästi niiskuvad,pehme sulava katvusega.
Erinevate tulemuste saavutamiseks kasutada rohkem või vähem vett.
Sobiv pind paber, kartong, papp.
Lahjenda üks osa värvi kolm osa vett kasutada koos aerograafiga.

Watercolour tablets Ø 25 mm, set with 12 colours with lid/mixing palette and brush
Compressed powder paint, fine quality with a high pigment content. Easily wettable watercolour, once dry forms a very even, soft coat. When diluted with a small amount of water the coverage is very dense and brilliant in colour. Increased dilution yields the effects typical of this technique. Allow each coat to dry completely before painting over it. Suited for special techniques on a wide range of surfaces, including: paper, card, cardboard, glass, ceramic and fabrics. For classic techniques, use suitable painting equipment on watercolour paper or card. Dilute one part colour with three parts water for use with an aerograph. The watercolour is a special compound which must be able to guarantee that the pigment applies evenly to the paper while binding securely to it. Fabrics painted with this product may not be washable. Treat stains as soon as possible with lukewarm water and soap. Wash thoroughly several times. Compatible with other water-based products in the Morocolor product range.


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